15 Meaningful Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you constantly busy and feeling you are not accomplishing anything? This post is for you. Check it out!

We are all busy, all the time. And we feel we are not busy, we come up with random stuff to do (i.e. going on social media to read). Our minds are now trained to constantly be doing something – that’s why it is very difficult to get off our email inboxes. Replying to other people’s emails gives us instant gratification – but are we really productive?

The problem with this is that after a while, we start to realize that what we are doing is not really productive.
Our days should be balanced, between a great morning routing with a workout, plus combination of deep work and other day to day tasks. In other posts I have discussed how to manage our calendars and our email inbox, which help with keeping day to day tasks under control. Deep work is meant to focus on projects and our top 3 things we need to get done this day/week/month.

In between all of this, we should have time for meaningful, small things that feed our heart and soul. There are plenty of lists out there in Google-land…. Here’s my own personal list of 15 Things we can do daily in less than 30 minutes:

1. Catch up with Family and Friends

Call your mom, dad, friend, or spouse and say, “Hi, just calling to tell you I was thinking about you.”

2. Learn and connect

Sign up for a cooking class, yoga course, writing group, or something else based on your interests. Learn while you hang out with like-minded people.

3. Become an early riser

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you normally wake up so you can start a morning routine tomorrow.

4. Engage

Comment on a blog you read regularly, or in a Facebook group you belong to. Have lunch/breakfast with coworkers, participate in events with neighbors.

5. Power down to power up

Turn off your computer, phone, and other digital devices, close the shades and lay down for a 20-minute power nap.
When going out to lunch, put down your devices and enjoy!

6. Listen

Not every conversation requires your input. Talk to a friend but do less talking and more active listening. Instead of advice, just offer your attention. Simply hear and see instead of searching for a solution.

7. Make a smoothie or tea

Throw a handful of greens in a blender with a bit of water. Blend it up. Then add a frozen banana, 1/2 an avocado, protein powder, and chia or flax-seed. Not sweet enough? Add berries.
Simply boil water and steep your favorite tea, or make it a habit to slow down, reboot and recharge.

8. Crank up your music stereo!

Shut down the work, and turn up the tunes. Dance around your living room, or office. Smile.

9. Find your fun side again

If you haven’t had fun for a while, make a list of every fun activity you can think of. Pick one and make it happen.

10. Start reading a new book (and dump a boring one)

Don’t push it. If you don’t like your current book, give it up and pick a new one that you feel good about reading.

11. Make a new playlist

Find new music for every mood.

12. Light Workout

Take a walk. Get outside and walk around the block, park, or yard. Don’t worry about logging miles or counting steps. Just walk, breathe, and smile.

13. Declutter

30 minutes is enough time to declutter your refrigerator, the hall closet, one drawer in your bedroom, your car, or desk.

14. Meditate

All you need is 5 minutes. Learn how to start HERE

15. Give thanks

Take 10 minutes and reflect. What are you grateful for? Share your gratitude with others that helped you.

What’s on your list? Comment below!

Author: Sebastian Sanchez

Executive leader with experience in Supply Chain, Logistics Operations and Customer Service ready to tell stories about leadership, culture and winning teams. You can contact me at sebasjamsession@icloud.com

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