Not sure what to do next? Create your own Vision Board

Are you asking yourself if you are spending your time on the right things? Are your priorities in life changing? There’s a way to “visualize” your goals. Create your own Vision board – I will walk through how to do that in simple steps. Keep reading!


We all have ideas in our minds. We have aspirations, goals, values. A great way to have them always present, inspiring you to be at your best, especially when the road gets bumpy.

Like many other “soft” tools – there is no right or wrong answer… there will be your answer. This is for you, not for other people to approve.

Not too long ago a friend of mine recommended me to look into creating my own Vision board. So I did research, and today I will share my experience and tips to get started:

Goal of a vision board – this board will carry pictures, quotes, words that will motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams.

What you need before you start – there’s some reflecting to be done before we start our board. Think about what your business and personal goals are for the next 12 months. This is the most important step! Dig Deep !

Quality versus Quantity – think about how many goals you want to have. Too many won’t help. Choose wisely! Think about what action plans you have, and those can translate into milestones on your board!

No perfect board – don’t seek perfection, move things around, try different layouts! Add great pictures! Add powerful quotes meaningful to you!

Locate it in a visible spot – your board is supposed to inspire you. So you have to see it! Keep it in a place you get to see it daily! I would recommend that you keep a “digital” copy (picture in your cell phone maybe?) for when you are away from home/office and you need inspiration.

BONUS: How to use your Vision Board? You should study the contents of your board daily, at least 5/10 minutes per day. Stare at the pictures, read the quotes out loud (with conviction).

Keep me posted on your results! Happy Visualizing!

Author: Sebastian Sanchez

Executive leader with experience in Supply Chain, Logistics Operations and Customer Service ready to tell stories about leadership, culture and winning teams. You can contact me at

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